San Fransisco, we love you! That’s why we’re sponsoring a great big giant block party happening this weekend in Potrero Hill, put on by the folks at Coffee Bar SF, Mr. Espresso, and ScoutMob. The party goes down starting at 3pm on Saturday, September 8th – sign-up for the latte art competition is now closed, but admission to the event is very much available to the public, for the ScoutMob price of $25. Are you curious as to what you will be getting for that $25? The answer is a good one, because it involves ribs:

  • Servings of 4 rib dishes and 4 signature sides, plus a vote to determine whose ribs reign supreme
  • 1 beer or wine in Coffee Bar’s pop-up Biergarten
  • Spectator access to Coffee Bar’s latte art competition
  • Games of sidewalk corn hole

We project the giant pile of ribs will look something like this:

advert new rules of coffee now available


These ribs are being prepared by a fightin’ foursome of rack-onteurs, each willing to drown the other in sauce and burnt ends for a chance at victory. They include Cathead’s BBQ, Good Foods Catering, The Jet Set Chef and Gator’s Back Porch BBQ  – and we are very, very excited to sample bones from each.

We’ll see you there! Buy tickets from Scout Mob!


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