Check out this outrageous ad campaign from Sanford-Brown, sometimes known as Sanford-Brown “College” but actually a wholly owned subsidiary of the Career Education Corporation, a scary-sounding company that we totally did not just make up. Their ad campaign shows a once-only-sorta-happy photoshopped barista gal, next to a photo of the same gal as a considerably happier (if considerably more debt-laden) healthcare worker. The message to baristas everywhere is: Shaaaame!

But don’t go shelling out for a bright new future just yet, you bunch of low-life uneducated barista plebians. Turns out Sanford-Brown is currently under investigation and subject to a class action lawsuit for “deceptive and unfair business practices.” More from Wikipedia:

On several occasions, former Sanford–Brown students have sued the institution for misleading recruiting practice.[2] For example, twelve former students filed a lawsuit in 2007 against Sanford–Brown College and its parent company, Career Education Corporation, alleging that Sanford–Brown engaged in aggressive and misleading recruiting tactics and misled them about the transferability of Sanford–Brown’s credits and the nature of its curriculum, training, and faculty.[3] One year later, four nursing students filed a class action lawsuit alleging that the college “fraudulently induced them and the class to join a medical assistant program through a number of deceptive acts.”[4] In late 2010, this lawsuit was granted class action status.[5] In August 2011, the attorney general of Florida was reported as investigating Sanford–Brown and seven other for-profit colleges to “Determine whether they have violated Florida law prohibiting deceptive or unfair business practices.”

Boom, roasted!

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