NEWPORT BEACH, CA (June 6, 2022): SAKI, the creator of an innovatively designed electric gooseneck kettle, officially launched the Baristan Pour-Over Kettle to create the simplest gooseneck kettle experience for those who are new to the world of home baristas. The Baristan Kettle is designed to amplify the optimal precise pouring and total control while brewing.

“We created the simplest kettle on the market by improving the ignored features like optimal pouring, comfortable gripping, and simple kettle base for baristas from every level. The name of the product, Baristan, comes from the idea of designing the kettle specifically for specialty coffee brewers,” says SAKI founder Omer Deveci.

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An enlarged gooseneck spout is designed for optimal pouring for baristas to reach a constant flow rate avoiding splashes. The cool touch rubber handle is engineered for a comfortable grip for total control while brewing to adjust the flow rate. High-quality materials give a chic look to the kettle, and make sure to boil water in the healthiest way with no plastic materials on the interior surface.

SAKI Baristan Kettle is currently available on SAKI’s website at $129. For more information on Baristan Kettle, visit

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SAKI innovatively designs products to inspire home baristas to master the skill of making the perfect cup of coffee each time. The team of the SAKI is coffee enthused, aiming to meet the needs of baristas essential through innovative product design. In 2020, founder Omer Deveci started designing a new kettle with the motivation of improving the ignored features to make the pour-over experience available for baristas at any level. After two years and numerous prototypes, SAKI introduced the Baristan Kettle.

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