Good news out of Griffin, Georgia: Our friends at Safehouse have begun to rebuild their roastery and cafe after a fire destroyed nearly everything shortly before the Southwest Regional Barista Competition. In the fire’s wake, Daniel Thompson and Dut Goodman of Batdorf & Bronson drove out to Safehouse to provide customers pour overs; a few weeks later, the international coffee community threw a huge fundraiser.

Here’s an update from Griffin’s indie rag, The Grip:

A portion of Hill Street was temporarily shut down today as crews hoisted lumber necessary to build Safehouse Coffee and Tea’s new roof.

Jacob Orr, Safehouse manager, has already sketched a new layout for the much-anticipated return to the old building at 109 S. Hill Street, but for now, he’s keeping them under wraps. ”We will be in by the end of the year for sure,” he said. ”As for an opening date, we’ll have to see how it goes.”

The Sprudge team extends our best wishes to Hunt, Amanda, Jacob and the entire Safehouse crew as they work to rebuild.