So here’s the thing. Sometimes we here at Sprudge know about an event and hold off on writing about it until closer to go-time to kinda get that last minute push. Then sometimes those events sell out anyway and we’re just like, “what do we do now?” Then sometimes those stories are about chocolate and then all we can do is start thinking about how it’s Friday and we deserve some chocolate dammit because it’s been a long week and we have been really good and screw it we’re going to have some chocolate. Well, here’s your chocolate.

In what sounds like it would have been an amazing event to attend were it not sold out, Royal Coffee is partnering with the Fine Cacao & Chocolate Institute (FCCI) to host the Cacao + Coffee Roasting Summit this Sunday at the Pulley Collective in Oakland.

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The Summit is intended as a forum for cacao-chocolate and coffee professionals to exchange roasting knowledge. There will be coffee and chocolate tastings, with a “focus on flavor changes caused by roasting, and discuss in detail the significance of raw material composition and heat application techniques during the roasting process.”

Sounds great. I can’t be there because it’s sold out so instead I made a sandwich out of a bar of Terroir’s 53% cacao Colombia and a bar of Ritual Chocolate’s 60% cacao made with Novo’s Ethiopia Anyetsu and I plan on eating the whole thing right now so I’m fine. I’m doing fine.

Instructors for the Cacao + Coffee Roasting Summit include Jen Apodaca of Royal Coffee, Adam Dick of Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate, Carla D. Martin of FCCI, Josh Rosen of Charm School Chocolate, and Anthony Rue of Volta Coffee, Tea, & Chocolate.

For more information on all the fun everyone is going to be having but you, visit the Cacao + Coffee Roasting Summit‘s event page. And then drown your sorrows in a nice glass of drinking chocolate. I’ve opted for a slightly chilled 16-ounce squeeze bottle of Hershey’s Special Dark chocolate syrup. It has a lovely bouquet and makes that delightful farting sound when you squeeze it but you already drank all 16 ounces so there’s nothing left in the bottle but air and sadness and fart sounds.

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.

*top image via Royal Coffee

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