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Under the heading of “Shops To Watch Out For”, a new cafe in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Neighborhood set to open the week of August 16th: Bar Ferd’nand Coffee, the work of longtime industry stalwart Louie Poore, a space seemingly poised to be a worthy counterpoint to claims that Seattle is kind of stuck in the past. Look for an opening menu of coffees from Heart and Stumptown – a delicious twosome – and brewed coffee available via Aeropress only. That’s two firsts, if you’re counting: Bar Ferd’nand Coffee will be Seattle’s first dedicated Aeropress bar, and the city’s first location to serve Heart Coffee Roasters.

Bar Coffees from BARF Coffee (Louie’s joke, not ours) will be available to diners at Sitka and Spruce, chef Matt Dillon’s award winning destination for all things NW locavore, as part of their location in Sitka’s entryway bourgeois shopping arcade. Quipped Louie, “The key feature of this bar is our relationship with the restaurant”, though Bar Ferdinand Coffee will also be available to walk-up patrons and bar flies.

Bar Ferd’nand Coffee is one of several exciting new spaces slated to open in Seattle in the not too distant future, and their polyglamorous roaster menu is provisionally set to be ever-changing. Developing…

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