Earlier this week, Sprudge Media Network reported on a recent visit to Sightglass Coffee in San Francisco from Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Known for his progressive politics, his cries of “revolution”, his recent mollywhopping of Hillary Clinton in primaries across the United States, and of course, his Dank Meme Stash, candidate Sanders was depicted by SMN as having “ordered a pour-over”. We even surmised—put it right in the headline—that Bernie got “Lit AF” from said pour-over at Sightglass.

Unfortunately there were factual errors in our reportage. Sprudge reader and patriot Daniel Noffsinger was the first to sound the alarm:

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Confirmation on Bernie’s Sightglass Coffee order soon appeared in the form of this Instagram comment:

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 8.19.18 AM

“A quick cup and a coffee cake”, the Instagram comment from @Sightglass says. “Sat up in the mezzanine and bussed his dishes before he left [a-ok hand emoji]”.

As you can see, Bernie Sanders did not, in fact, order pour-over from Sightglass. Instead he ordered batch brew, a nice pastry, and he was even polite enough to bus his own dishes. This is a perfectly reasonable and delicious sounding order, and all of us at Sprudge Media Network deeply regret the error in our original feature.

Please allow us to set the record straight, lest we become yet another media cog in the rolling conspiracy of misinformation and disregard hampering the candidate from Vermont. When it comes to politics Sprudge is a single issue voter, and that issue is coffee. We strive to get the facts right on everything we publish, but especially as it relates 2016 American presidential race. On behalf of all of us at Sprudge Media Network, mea culpa.

Mr. Sanders’ status as “Lit AF” remains unquestioned.


Jordan Michelman is a co-founder and editor at Sprudge.com, and a dank meme enthusiast. 

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