It’s officially nog season—a time for screaming steam wands and egg nog lattes galore. But that sort of thing isn’t really for everyone; some of us yearn to enjoy the flavor of a coffee nog drink without actually, you know, scrambling up a bunch of sweetened enriched milk product. Enter Stumptown Coffee‘s annual Winter Cheer, a coffee-forward nog beverage that’s now available in a cow-free collaboration with Oatly.

In the latest edition of Ready To Drink, we’re taking a closer look at Winter Cheer. Here’s a holiday treat that everyone in the family can chug-a-lug, even if they happen to be vegan.

As told by Senior Manager of Product Development and Co-Manufacturing Brent Wolczynski.

stumptown winter cheer 02

When did Winter Cheer debut?

Winter Cheer originally debuted in 2013 as a cafe exclusive. In 2014 we transitioned to a milk carton package and opened sales up to everyone. In 2020 we reformulated Winter Cheer with Oatly and that is what’s currently available today.

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How has it changed since it first came out?

The original version used cow’s milk and mulling spices—it was sweet, spiced, and a bit citrusy. When we reformulated the new version to be plant-based and vegan by replacing the cow’s milk with Oatly, we decided to reimagine what Winter Cheer could be, and decided on making something that’s reminiscent of eggnog.

stumptown winter cheer 01

Tell us about the unique blend of flavors and spices in Winter Cheer!

In trying to develop a vegan eggnog, we found that a blend of natural flavors gave us the best result. I don’t want to give away our blend but it definitely gives the illusion of eggnog with a sweet and creamy texture and spicy aroma.

Where is it available?

Winter Cheer is available in New Seasons, Whole Foods, Chuck’s Produce, Green Zebra, Safeway Seattle, all of our cafes, and available in 12 packs on our website.

How much for a cold one?

Just $3.99, but supplies are limited so get it while you can!

Thank you!

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