The NWRBC Barista Competition Schedule

Day One – Friday, Jan 27th, beginning at NOON:

12PM Cole McBride, Veltons Coffee, Seattle

12:19 Marty Lopes, Barista, PDX

12:39 Michael “Panda” Fernandez, Espresso Parts, Olympia

12:57 Orme Kellett, Lava Java, Ridgefield, WA

1:16 Collin Schneider, Sterling Coffee Roasters, PDX

1:35 Jonathan Walz, Public Domain, PDX

END OF DAY 1 – total competition time of 2 hours, six competitors.

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Day Two – Saturday January 28th, beginning at ELEVEN AM

11:00 Tyler Stevens, Barista, PDX

11:19 Sam Purvis, Coava, PDX

11:38 Alex Negranza, Milstead & Co. / Libery Bar, Seattle

11:57 Kyle O’Quin, Canlis, Seattle

12:16 Laila Ghambari, Stumptown, PDX

12:35 Emily Jackson, Batdorf & Bronson, Olympia

12:54 Ann Schneider, Sterling, PDX

1:13  Lauren Lathrop, Public Domain, PDX

1:32  Sarah Dooley, La Marzocco USA, Seattle

1:51  Devin Chapman, Coava, PDX

2:10 Brett Felchner, Barista, PDX

2:29 Brady MacDonald, Urban Coffee Lounge, Seattle

2:48 Kayla Sippich, Lava Java, Ridgefield WA

3:07 Timothy Graham, Victrola, Seattle

END OF DAY 2 – total competition time of four and one-half hours, 14 competitors.

Day Three – Sunday, January 29th TBA


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