Have you ever been watching coffee videos on YouTube and wished you could be just like them? It’s actually easier than you think. Sure, you could spend years honing your craft like World Barista Champion James Hoffmann or Onyx Coffee Lab’s Lance Hedrick, or you could buy yourself a sweatshirt from Getchusomegear, the organization created by Chris McAuley to provide coffee gear to marginalized baristas. Both coffee influencers have notably been spotted rocking a “Coffee Is Healing” sweatshirt, and best we can tell, it’s the true source of their power. The best part is, sales go to support three baristas competing in the US Coffee Championships qualifiers.

Now in pre-order through Monday, December 11th, this printing of Getchusomegear sweatshirts comes in one of four colors: mauve, teal, vintage black, and yellow. Printed by Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Shaky Hands, the 60/40 cotton-polyester blend sweatshirts are made with 100% sweatshop-free material, so you can feel good about looking good.

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Proceeds from the printing will go to three coffee professionals as they start their journey through the 2024 US Coffee Championships: US Barista Championship competitors Ina Cariño and Tuesday Villane and Cup Tasters competitor Hyacinth Rios. If Getchusomegear is able to sell 300 sweatshirts from this round of printing, each of the three coffee professionals will receive $1,100 to be used to defray the competition costs. (You can also donate to them directly via Venmo or Cash App.)

The Coffee is Healing sweatshirts are available for $38, and any orders placed before December 8th will go out then. For more information or to pre-order your own Coffee Is Healing sweatshirt, visit Getchusomegear’s official website.

Zac Cadwalader is the managing editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.