Huge news from our Sprudge Home Base of Portland, Oregon: The folks at Portland Roasting have been honored by the Academy as the official backstage coffee of the 85th Academy Awards, happening February 24th in Hollywood, California.

KGW News Portland has more:

The company will serve its Organic Tanager’s Song blend and its decaffeinated Vienna Blend in the green room during the ceremony, according to Portland Roasting co-founder Mark Stell.

“We’re thrilled to be involved in this year’s ceremony,” Stell said. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to share our coffee with some of the biggest names in entertainment while keeping the energy level at the ceremony high.”

For more on that Organic Tanager’s Song blend, we spoke with Nathanael May, a USBC judge and trainer at Portland Roasting:

Tanager’s Song is one of our workhorse blends, and we’ve had it for quite a few years. The blend served at the Oscars will be made up of Organic Peru from the COCLA co-operative, and an Organic Honduras from the  COCAFCAL co-op. We offer both coffees as single origins, and they’re both very excellent on their own.

This all came to be because we work with this distributor in SoCal, and they knew the people putting on the Oscars. We sent samples, the Oscars folks got excited, and now we’re actually going to have someone on-site at the Oscars, brewing coffee! It’ll be batch brewed to handle high volume, but our staff member will be on hand to make sure all the parameters are dialed in right and we serve great coffee to all the celebrities.

The 85th Academy Awards are this coming Sunday, February 24th – let’s all try and spot a Portland Roasting paper cup in the crowd.

Angelina Jolie loves herself a latte. Who doesn't?
Angelina Jolie loves herself a latte. Who doesn’t?