How do you take your coffee? Black? With a splash of cream or a touch of your favorite alt milk? Perhaps a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down. Or maybe, you like to think outside the box (or inside the icebox, as it were). Of course there is always the bulletproof option, but here in 2023, putting butter in coffee almost feels… boring? Recently we’ve seen Starbucks will into existence the combination of olive oil and coffee with varying degrees of success, depending upon your proximity to a toilet when drinking the Oleato, which I think is Italian for “shit through a goose.” And the TikTok teens are once again trying to make you believe that mayonnaise belongs in coffee.

@foodmakescalhappy can try, but dont la 😅 #lifeadvice #sgfoodie #coffeelover #coffeetime ♬ Bam Bam Full Beat – Nata HG

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It’s all wild. These are wild times. But we’re not judging. We approach every coffee combination with an open mind and a willing heart. Coffee and sriracha? Actually, not that bad. (It’s even better with the hot sauce made for coffee.) Celebrity chef and coffee lover Alton Brown says to put salt in your coffee. It could work. Espresso and orange juice? That’s a certified banger. You just don’t know what’s going to pair well with coffee unless you try it, which is kind of part of the fun of it.

We here at Sprudge want to know: what do you put in your coffee? That’s why we put together a quick survey to find out how you take your coffee. And more importantly, what would you be willing to try?

We’ll then compile the answers and see what options are the best of the rest for providing a new—and dare I say exciting—coffee-drinking experience. We’ll report back on what we find, in case you are looking to add a little zip to your morning cuppa.