A few years back we wrote about the majesty and beauty that is a 3AM visit to Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans, for the divine pairing of chicory coffee and powder sugar drenched beignets. And during the Fruit Bombs and Fermentation tour with Counter Culture Coffee, did the entire van get a dozen donuts to pair with some Dunkin’ Donuts Hazelnut Coffee? You better believe it.

Yes, friends, it’s true: nothing goes better with coffee than a big, beautiful donut.

The fine folks at Saveur celebrate the pairing of the chicory and beignet, and several others, in this beautiful comic written by Sprudgie Award winning journalist Erin Meister and cartoonist/illustrator Lucy Knisley. More from Saveur (it’s pronounced Sah-verrr):

In today’s recipe comic, cartoonist and illustrator Lucy Knisley(who previously shared with us her love for orange-colored foods as well as her Tanzanian Travelogue) paired up with writer Erin Meister to pay tribute to the addictively delicious pairing of warm sweet donuts and fresh hot coffee, whether it’s a nibble of French Crullers that complements a sip of dark-roasted coffee, the double-decadence of jelly donuts with cappucino, or the sweet-bitter play of glazed donuts with a shot of espresso.

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And here’s just a taste of the cartoon:


Other pairings include the West Coast Style Long John and an Espresso Cortado, as well as the simplicity of a Glazed with a shot of espresso. Delicious! And since we’re on the topic, here are a few of our favorite donut hot spots around the country:

Cafe Du Monde, New Orleans, Louisiana – Beignets. Get it.

Doughnut Plant, New York City, New York – While the owner might only serve up decaf, the donuts are unstoppable. Get the square shaped Coconut Creme – the cream circumnavigates the donut. Ooh, and the Tres Leches.

Dynamo Donuts, San Francisco, California – The Maple Bacon might be the crowd favorite, but our jam is the Chocolate Spice. Dunk that in a mocha, man, for a real ‘Frisco freak-out.

House of Donuts, Lakewood, Washington – Is this part of Western Washington the most picturesque, the most postcard-ready, the least meth-y? No. But are these donuts super serious? Yes. Home to (arguably) the best maple bar on earth.

Mighty-O Donuts, Seattle, Washington – They’re vegan, so it’s practically like eating a salad. The French Toast donut is out of control.

Coco Donuts, Portland, Oregon – When tourists visit Portland, they wait in line for hours at that other place. But when locals want a real donut, dammit, without all the Food Network fuss and stale cereal gimmickry, they hit up Coco Donuts for their classic selection. Good espresso too, serving Water Avenue Coffee.


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