Breaking yesterday via Portland Monthly Magazine’s “Eat Beat” blog, Stumptown founder and budding restauranteur extraordinaire Duane Sorenson has purchased space for a new restaurant. Adding to his portfolio of Portland properties, Mr. Sorenson now owns the soon-to-be former Lauro Kitchen space on 33rd and Division, 12 blocks west from the original Stumptown cafe on 45th and SE Division.

It’s safe to say that Mr. Sorenson’s first foray in the food and cocktail world, The Woodsman Tavern, has been a smashing success, having been named one of the 10 best new restaurants in America by GQ, given a full-service love-on by The Oregonian, and endlessly slobbered over by the folks at Eater PDX. lead writer Jordan Michelman profiled their Campari and burnt cedar take on a classic Old Pal cocktail for Serious Eats on November 22nd, for which he was woefully underpaid, while their innovative vacuum pot hot toddy received an artful, thorough Strand job on November 25th. It all adds up to no shortage of fawning press, and sets the bar pretty gosh darn high for whatever Mr. Sorenson has planned for his new playspace down Division.

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More from “Eat Beat” blogger Karen Brooks, who calls Duane an “indie coffee lord” and rightfully points out The Woodsman Market next to the restaurant as a destination unto itself:

For years, Lauro Kitchen and the ramshackle-chic Pix Patisserie stood like mirages in the foodie oasis of car-zooming SE Division Street. Then Pok Pok’s wild success drew attention to what is now Portland’s booming Eat Street, where rock ‘n’ roll ramen, eclectic food carts, Mexican street food, and reimagined family meals mingle with modestly priced stylish eateries.

Sorenson is now among the high-profile and rising star talents making Division a compelling destination.“I’ve lived over here for years,” he says. “I love investing in the food scene on Division. I’m excited to be part of Portland’s food world.”

Mr. Sorenson is currently in Europe, researching concepts for this new restaurant space, but we feel safe in predicting that fine Stumptown coffees will be a component part of whatever he’s cooking up. Stay tuned.

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