Online Coffee Events Happening This Week: May 26 – May 31st. 

We’re marching through May with ever so many more online coffee events. Consider mixing it up with coffee-themed virtual backgrounds.

Here are a few online events going on that you can participate in from home.

Coffee Break Virtual Cafe

About: Join Stephen James Davidson (Strange Bird Podcast, Ally Coffee) for a community coffee break every morning at 9AM PST on Zoom!

Coffee Break was created by Anderson Stockdale (Bellwether Coffee). She reached out to see if I would like to help out and I said yes and we have been collaborating since.

For me, hosting Coffee Break is only as important as those who join in and want to participate. I need this right now and it seems others do too. During this time of social distancing, it seems more important than ever to come together by any means and support one another by hanging out, listening to each other, sharing our lives and if you have a few bucks to spare, donating to one of the coffee companies we support each day or buying their merchandise. It has become a beautiful community that I hope continues to grow.

When: Every morning at 9AM on Zoom.

Coffee Break has a new website! Check it out here.

Elementary Coffee Co. Live Chat

About: Chatting with baristas, community members, creatives, farmers, small business owners, and overall rad humans about how they brew coffee at home, who they are, and what they are doing to continue pushing the community, their work, and their creative energy forward during this difficult time. We have hosted over 50 various folks from a spoken word poet to a candidate running for Congress. However, our most favorite sessions are often simple tutorials with our furloughed baristas at home showing us how they like to brew coffee. This is our way to continue to spread good cheer to our community and encourage positivity, creativity, and strength in an uncertain world!

When: Daily at 11am EST on Instagram

Virtual Coffee Tasting With Counter Culture Coffee

About: A new Instagram Live and virtual coffee tasting with CCC’s coffee team all over the country—they’ll be diving into a particular coffee each week and why it’s special, doing demos, and answering questions from viewers on Instagram.

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When: Tuesdays at 2pm EST on IG @counterculturecoffee

World Coffee Research Think + Drink

About: Join us for our annual gathering and report-out to the coffee community about WCR’s progress over the prior year and a preview of what’s ahead—adapted for the virtual world we are living in. Highlights include a tour of the experimental-F1-hybrid-harvest at our research farm in El Salvador, the results of a wide-ranging global consultation on shared R&D priorities, and an update on our 2020-2025 strategy.

This year, we are joined by WCR’s founder, Tim Schilling; our CEO, Vern Long; and our communications director, Hanna Neuschwander. With special guest Doug Welsh, VP of Peet’s Coffee & Tea. And introducing WCR’s new scientific director, George Kotch.

You make the [time-zone-appropriate] drinks, we’ll provide the thinks!

When: Wednesday, May 27, 2020 · 8:00 AM PST

The La Marzocco Sessions Present: Espresso Machine Design

Lm Sessions

About: We are excited to hear from Stefano Della Pietra, La Marzocco’s Head Designer. His ultimate project was the aesthetic design and innovative Auto-Flush system on the KB90. The Live Chat also features Modbar’s Co-founder and Designer, Aric Forbing. Aric has been spearheading Modbar from its beginning and continues to work hand and hand with La Marzocco’s R&D.

The La Marzocco Sessions: “Come into the world of La Marzocco with talks, competitions, and events about themes that revolve around you, connect with us.” We are eager to continue to develop new and exciting happenings for our coffee community on our digital platforms.

When: Wednesday, May 27th at 5 pm CEST/ 11 am EDT on Instagram @lamarzocco

Cropster & Balzac Brothers Present: The RoastID Competition – See the Curve, Match the Curve

About: We know many of you, like us have been home these past few weeks due to COVID. In an attempt to lighten everyone’s mood during these times, we’ve decided to team up again with our good friend’s Balzac Bros. to bring to you, RoastID a fun 3-week online challenge of roast curves and cup quality knowledge!

Think of it as matching a cupped coffee to the correct roast curve, except, you never cup the coffee (since we can’t do that right now). Competitors (that’s you) will enter an online quiz portal where we’ll present some roast curves. You can then try to match them to the correct cupping forms. You’ll need to use your understanding of how changes during the roast influence quality, and how those quality differences are scored and described on the cupping form. For example, think about what happens when a roast gets dropped 20 degrees darker than the previous roast – Wow! It’s a lot! We know.

That’s why this competition is more than a competition. It’s also an educational opportunity to learn from roasting experts about how roasting techniques and decisions (and the changes in the roast curve) influence the taste of the coffee. We are bringing on board the help from some of the brightest roasting minds in the industry to help us host a webinar after each round to reveal the answers, discuss the curves, talk about how differences in the roast curve translate to cup quality and provide participants with an opportunity to ask the guest roasting experts questions.

When: 13. May. 2020 – 27. May. 2020

The Crown: Royal Coffee Lab & Tasting Room Presents “Green Coffee Logistics”

The Crown

About: Learn how green coffee gets to you. We’ll take a look into the behind the scenes work and what goes into bringing coffee from origin to roasters here in the States.

When: May 28, 2020 11:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Digital AA Meeting For Coffee People

About: Join coffee folx in recovery at this Digital Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting For Coffee People on Zoom. This is an open meeting—anyone in recovery or curious can attend!

When: Thursday, April 9th at 4PM CST on Zoom.

#YouBrewYou With Counter Culture Coffee

About: Dubbed #YouBrewYou, this virtual weekly coffee tasting dives into one of CCC’s coffees, sharing the origin, tasting notes and a how-to on brewing.

When: Fridays at 10am EST on Instagram @counterculturecoffee