For just over a decade now, Bellwether has been providing roasting solutions for cafes and small businesses who want to start roasting their own coffee but may not necessarily have the know-how just yet to go it alone. Along with a fully electric roaster, Bellwether provides customers with access to a green coffee marketplace as well as pre-defined roast curves for each of those coffees.

And today, March 7th, the brand has announced the latest addition to their roaster lineup. The Bellwether Shop Roaster has all the features of the Series 2 Electric Roaster, but with a smaller profile (and price tag).

Like with the previous Series 2, the Shop Roaster is fully automated and is capable of meeting a cafe’s weekly coffee needs. Per the press release, the Shop Roaster is able to “roast more than 40 lbs of coffee in a single operation,” hundreds of pounds a week. The smaller footprint roaster comes as either a countertop roaster or with a “Continuous Roasting Upgrade.”

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bellwether shop roaster continuous
The new Bellwether with the Continuous Roasting Upgrade

“The new Shop Roaster covers a broad spectrum of retailers,” Bellwether founder and CEO Ricardo Lopez tells Sprudge. “It’s for the traditional roaster like Red Bay Coffee, who want to augment their capacity with more environmentally friendly electric roasting, all the way to the new cafe looking to create a unique, differentiated experience that is representative of their brand.” He continues, “The Shop Roaster is designed to work for small businesses and allows them to roast small amounts of coffee while still seeing an ROI. As they grow, and their needs for roasting greater quantities increase, the continuous roaster modular add-on allows them to roast more each week.”

Because the roaster is all electric, it doesn’t need to be hooked up to a gas line and no vent hood is required. And per Bellwether, it “reduces the carbon footprint of a pound of coffee by an average of 87%” when compared to a gas roaster. “A positive environmental and sustainable impact is a byproduct of supporting coffee shops to create an incredible coffee experience while saving 50% from buying coffee roasted from a wholesaler,” Lopez states. “With that profitability comes greater adoption and lower carbon footprints for the industry. It’s really exciting to see the impact on economics and the environment.”

The new Bellwether Shop Roaster was designed to meet the demand of a lower-cost all-electric coffee roaster, and the brand’s latest offering comes at only a quarter of the cost of the Series 2, or “less than the cost of an espresso machine.” Like with other models, the Shop Roaster also comes with access to the green coffee marketplace and roast profiles.

For more information on the new Shop Roaster or the green coffee marketplace, visit Bellwether’s official website.

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