Online Coffee Events Happening This Week: April 13 – April 19th. 

As in-person coffee events around the world are canceled or postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, a number of online coffee events are popping up far and wide. While millions are staying home in an attempt to flatten the curve, these virtual meet-ups are a welcome respite from binging Elite and playing Coffee Talk.

Here are a few online events going on that you can participate in from home.

Sustainable Coffee Art Contest

About: Sustainable Coffee Challenge is launching a sustainable coffee art competition for children. Get the kiddos together to draw something coffee-related, take a photo, and post it on social media with the hashtag #sustaincoffee or send it directly to the folks at SCC.

When: It’s happening now through Friday, April 17th.

Coffee Break Virtual Cafe

About: Join Stephen James Davidson (Strange Bird Podcast, Ally Coffee) for a community coffee break every morning at 9AM PST on Zoom!

Coffee Break was created by Anderson Stockdale (Bellwether Coffee). She reached out to see if I would like to help out and I said yes and we have been collaborating since.

For me, hosting Coffee Break is only as important as those who join in and want to participate. I need this right now and it seems other do too. During this time of social distancing, it seems more important than ever to come together by any means and support one another by hanging out, listening to each other, sharing our lives and if you have a few bucks to spare, donating to one of the coffee companies we support each day or buying their merchandise. It has become a beautiful community that I hope continues to grow.

When: Every morning at 9AM on Zoom.

Coffee Break has a new website! Check it out here.

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COVID-19’s Impact On Specialty Coffee Webinar with Boot Coffee

About: Willem Boot and the team at Boot Coffee are hosting weekly webinars on Mondays at 8AM PST.

We are recording each webinar and hosting the recordings on

In the coming weeks we are going to host other speakers, attempt to make it more of a conversational round-table, and plan to cover the following topics amongst others.

When: This is a recurring meeting happening now on Mondays at 8am Pacific Time at on Zoom.

Social Distancing Pseudo Pub Trivia with Jackson O’Brien

About: Join Peace Coffee Head Barista Jackson O’Brien for an evening of trivia on the chat platform Discord. Trivia begins at 7PM Central Time every Monday and is free and open to all.

When: Mondays 7:00PM CST on Discord

United By Sustainability Webinar Series

About: “In Our Own Words: An Update on the Price Crisis from Peer Reviewers” During 2019, the SCA dedicated a working group of staff and volunteer leaders to examining the coffee price crisis, publishing findings and recommendations to the sector. A key component of this project work was engaging in open review from the industry, seeking feedback as part of the discovery process and formation of theories and next steps. This process was referred to as “Peer Review,” acknowledging a desire to be inclusive and the shared status of all participants as inherently equal and welcome. Here, Ellie Hudson will review highlights with Peer Reviewers who agreed to share their comments on the PCR, the Peer Review process, and what they would like to see as the temporary PCR project evolves into long term commitment by and for the SCA community.

When: Tue, Apr 14, 2020 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM PDT (Register Here)

COVID-19 and Specialty Coffee Survey Response Webinar Series

About: SCA and La Marzocco team up to present an ongoing webinar series. On Wednesday, join the team for webinar #4: The Importance of Communication During Business Interruptions.

When: Wednesday, April 15th 12PM PST. (Register Here)

Coffee Bird Presents Global Impact of COVID-19 On The Coffee Supply Chain

About: Join us for a discussion on the global impact of covid 19 on the coffee supply chain with special guests from around the world including:

Steve Leighton, Has Bean Coffee- UK
Ralf Rueller, The Barn – Germany
Maria Eduarda Pavani Becker, Tres Marias- UAE
Michael Sheridan, Intelligentsia Coffee- USA
Hosted by Marta Dalton, Coffee Bird

When: Thursday 16 April 2020- 16:30 GMT/10:30 EST (Register here).

Digital AA Meeting For Coffee People

About: Join coffee folx in recovery at this Digital Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting For Coffee People on Zoom. This is an open meeting—anyone in recovery or curious can attend!

When: Thursday, April 9th at 4PM CST on Zoom.

Royal Coffee Presents What’s Happening in Honduras

About: Join us for an update on the current state of affairs in Honduras featuring Catracha Coffee’s Mayra Orellana-Powell, Royal Coffee Trader Laurel Wirth, and the General Manager of The Crown, Richard Sandlin. Mayra will share what’s been happening in her hometown of Santa Elena, Honduras, and we will discuss what this means for coffee from this origin and how to plan your inventory accordingly.

When: Apr 16, 2020 11:00 AM on Zoom (Register Here)

Red Fox Coffee Merchants Foxhole

About: Red Fox is now hosting a weekly hangout called the Foxhole, where a rotating cast of foxes and special guests get together every Friday at 11 to hang out, tell stories, and generally enjoy a break from the stressful news cycle.

When: Fridays at 11am PST on Zoom