Our friend and occasional contributor Erin Meister (@TheNervousCook) is organizing a big ol’ coffee crawl in NYC to benefit coffee bars in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Part hands-on community economic stimulus, part “holy shit I can’t believe that just happened”, this crawl will be a loosely communal way for coffee enthusiasts and professionals to reconnect with fine cafes in The Greatest City In The World. There’s lots more info on the crawl’s Facebook page, which you should join.ย The event is happening this coming Sunday, November 4th. Deets:

Floods, gusty winds, and power outtages might slow us down, but the coffee community in NYC can’t stop won’t stop.

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Join your caffeinated friends, neighbors, and coffee-loving strangers in a citywide cafe crawl this Sunday to support the coffee shops who have suffered setbacks from the storm.

CAFE OWNERS: If your shop won’t be open yet on Sunday, let us know in the comments. If you can give an ETA for your grand re-opening, post that, too: We will be there, and we will drink your macchiatos.

The Facebook page includes an updating map of which shops will be open. Use Facebook to communicate with Meister as to your shop’s availability, or which shops you’d personally like to visit Sunday. This crawl is a “choose your own adventure” sort of affair — visit one shop, visit many, and show your support to the cafes of post-Sandy NYC.

Facebook has more details. We love you, New York.


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