New York City is buzzing with events this weekend! NYC – where the “C” stand for coffee! There are two really cool coffee events happening on Saturday, November 10th – and to the untrained eye they seem to be clashing – but if you play your cards right you can make it to both and still have enough time for Le Bingo with Linda Simpson at Le Poisson Rouge.

Bloomingdale’s Flagship. 59th and Lex, girl.

Eight words: Bloomingdale’s Breville Latte Art Throwdown, Housewares On Six! Joe Coffee, Breville, and World Barista Champion Michael Phillips have teamed up to share drinks, skills, and the thrills of a latte art challenge. Breville’s Facebook has all the details, including the full schedule:

Join us on Saturday as we host an espresso event with Joe Coffee and Bloomingdale’s. Sign up for a master class with World Barista Champion Michael Phillips, or watch New York City baristas face off in a friendly espresso competition. Feel free to drop by any time during the afternoon to get a hands-on demo, chat with the baristas, and get some coffee.

Sounds great, right? And then, in Brooklyn:

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Smith Canteen realness. (Photo via Project Latte)

Carroll Garden’s Smith Canteen will host Katie Carguilo and Oliver Strand for an evening of signature espresso drinks and pairing pastries from their in house pastry chef Stephanie Alexander. Mini pain au chocolat with jasmine infused chocolate? Lemon shaker tart? Yes, please. Canteen says:

Carguilo will be our guest barista from 3 to 5 p.m.  She will be crafting expertly pulled espresso drinks and two specialty drinks of her own creation.

At 5 p.m., Carguilo will sit down with coffee journalist and author Oliver Strand to talk about her championship win, how to make the perfect cup, East Coast versus West Coast coffee and more. The Q&A and reception that follows will be open to the public.

And then! Le Bingo with Linda Simpson! If you’ve never been, this is certifiably the most fabulous bingo night in the world.

We asked Brooklyn local and United States Barista Champion Katie Carguilo to help us get to all three events via public transportation. Save that cab fare for bingo cards!

12:00PM: Start your day at Bloomingdales. Housewares on six. Grab a drink and talk to World Barista Champion Michael Phillips from Handsome Coffee Roasters. Stick around for the master class (RSVP! Call 212-705-2400) and then watch the barista throwdown.

2:15PM: Walk to Lexington Ave & 63rd St F train station. Take the F to Carroll St. Smith Canteen is just around the corner on Smith Street.

3:00PM: Spend the early evening with me, grab my USBC winning signature drink or this new concoction I’ve been working out – then watch me and Oliver Strand dish.

6:30PM: Hop back on that F to Broadway/Lafeyette, walk five blocks down Bleecker street to Le Poisson Rouge. Get a drink and buy a least four bingo cards. Show starts at 7:30PM!

Any questions?

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