From videos, photos and more than a hundred live-tweets, here’s a curated look back at day two of the Northwest Regional Barista Competition in Tacoma, Washington.

11:22AM #nwrbc live tweets! let us clog your twitter feed ALL DAY LONG. @tyler_stevens is up first, starting now

11:23AM @tyler_stevens is groovin’ mellow to the band’s “get up, jake”

11:26AM room has tons of energy for the @tyler_stevens routine…already a very different room from yesterday

11:32AM oak barrel aged sig drink from @tyler_stevens with fig gastrique – like a jeffrey morgenthaler cocktail at 11 in the morning

11:42AM @sampurvis up now – opens to a little classic soul, and starts with the sig drink – shocker

11:52AM very professional, workman-like…would be smithing metal or carving marble a hundred years ago

11:55AM @sampurvis this routine is like watching “memento”, or that seinfeld episode that’s all told backwards…

12:09PM @barista_alex – impressive and hustling through mic problems, audio problems, very professional

12:13PM orgeat, heavy cream, egg white, kaffir lime, “shake it into a frothy goodness” – @barista_alex with a kind of espresso gin fizz

12:18PM @barista_alex time called at 15:04

12:29PM “today i just want to focus on flavors of coffee, that’s the world i live in” – kyle of @canlis using coffees roasted 3 days ago.

12:42PM kyle from @canlis goes panna cotta supernova

12:44PM kyle from @canlis calls time at 15:15

12:46PM dropped at the end of kyle from @canlis’s routine, he used @intelligentsia bolivia anjilanaka

12:54PM “I heard its actually Ryan Wilbur competing in a Laila costume” – paulhalvorsen on the live stream

1:02PM @lay_luh calls time at 14 flat

1:14PM meanwhile the #brewerscup silent auction is underway

1:15PM the untweetable emily jackson of @batdorfcoffee goes for caps with macadamia nut sweetness and hints of chocolate

1:23PM emily jackson of @batdorfcoffee calls time at 14:30

1:34PM ann schneider competes now, her husband collin competed yesterday – is this the first pair of husband-and-wife regional competitors?

1:45PM “I want cookies” – USBC Champ @PeteLicata, watching ann schneider’s routine

1:47PM “i might have to break his knees if he makes it into finals” – ann schneider on husband (and co-competitor) collin

1:58PM no rest for the live-tweet weary. lauren lathrop of @pdcoffee up now #nwrbc

2:05PM lauren lathrop of @pdcoffee calls time at 14:45

2:11PM @sarahdooley of @lamarzocco up now – big cheer as she’s announced.

2:28PM just so totally knowledgeable and confident…@sarahdooley #nwrbc one of the best routines of the day

2:30PM @sarahdooley calls time at 17:00

2:45PM @devchap soundtrack is a real fist-pumper #nwrbc #emobands

2:48PM cartel’s “say anything” as @devchap’s soundtrack- @jasondominy may be getting a lip ring. developing…

2:55PM music jokes aside, @devchap’s routine meets with the biggest closing cheer of the day #nwrbc

3:00PM brett felchner up next – 4 competitors left, roughly an hour behind schedule – announcement around 5-ish?

3:06PM @brettboywonder gets down with the soil report – a very volcano-forward performance

3:44PM brady macdonald calls time at 15:59, just escaping a DQ

3:49PM kayla sippich’s family contingent is here dressed in identical red shirts with black sleeves – #nwrbc #familysupport

4:15PM timothy graham up now from @victrolacoffee – timothy opens to some spoon tunes – excited for announcements #nwrbc #longday

4:20PM “this washed coffee does great with milk. the acidity mellows, and the honey flavor shines through”

4:27PM timothy graham calls time at 14:30

4:30PM last up is late-addition Rick Cox @SEA_Espresso – who is apparently “the xzibit of espresso machines” according to @devchap

4:35PM @sea_espresso is rockin’ the sureshot – “i got mad hits like i was rod carew”

4:47PM @sea_espresso rick cox calls time at 15:43

List of finalists over here and the finals schedule is posted here.