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Coffee and the spiritual world have a long and intertwined history. Coffee was once considered the “bitter invention of Satan”—which frankly sounds kinda badass—before Pope Clement VIII decided it was too tasty to give the bad guys the credit, stating they could “should cheat the devil by baptizing it,” which also sounds kinda badass. It has also been a medium for tasseography, with coffee grounds being read as a means of fortune telling. And if I’m being honest, I’m fairly certain the mere act of pouring hot water of mashed up beans to create such an exquisite drink denotes the existence some sort of benevolent spirit.

And from this tradition comes the Coffee Plant Triquetra Oracle Deck. Now live on Kickstarter, the Coffee Plant Triquetra deck was made to “help you awaken your true self” and “find interesting relationships between the spirit of coffee, and the human spirit.”

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Created by Reem Jaber, a coffee professional and Lebanese expat now living in Portland, Oregon, the Coffee Plant Triquetra Oracle Deck takes inspiration from both the zodiac and Celtic traditions, drawing parallels between coffee’s three-part journey—sourcing, roasting, and brewing—with the Celtic Triquetra knot—new moon, full moon, and waning moon. Jabeer created the deck to give users an avenue to create a sacred connection with coffee, which she refers to as a “plant spirit and as a medicine that encourages connection, activates the mind, and illuminates the soul.”

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The 55-card deck consists of 23 triquetra cards “specifically related to coffee and her spirit,” five energy cards that “call to awaken a certain energy,” and 27 illumination cards full of “truth::wisdom quotes.” Measuring 3.5×5”, the images on every card are hand-drawn and printed on 350 GSM matte lamination paper. Each deck comes an instruction manual and carrying pouch.

With four weeks left in the campaign, the Coffee Plant Triquetra Oracle Deck has reached $2,500 of its $13,000 goal. Backer rewards include a complete deck, pouch, and instruction set starting at $55, going all the way up to $300 for the full deck set, a box stone, coaster, and personalized card pull by Jaber, who will then email you the personalized reading.

For more information or to back the campaign, visit the Coffee Plant Triquetra Oracle Deck Kickstarter page.

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Photos via the Coffee Plant Triquetra Oracle Deck Kickstarter page

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