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Since 2008, the folks at Stumptown Coffee Roasters have been rocking a kangaroo-inspired kraft bag for their whole bean packaging, each with a little ‘roo identification card stuffed in. This iconic look retired as of last week and Stumptown has rolled out a whole new look for their whole bean. We talked to Marketing Director Mallory Pilcher to learn more.

Stumptown has new packaging! Who did you team up with to create this fresh new look?

We teamed up with our pals Land based out of Austin, Texas.

Look at all the colors, man! Tell us about this new color story.

It wasn’t as much a story as it was an intention to move away from the brown kraft bags. We wanted our blends to stand out from one another more prominently while grouping our single origins together visually.

What coffee information do you share on the package now?

Our single origins host our flavor descriptors and the name of the coffee, along with tags of it being Direct Trade or Organic when applicable. Our blends have a note on the back of the bag about the blend type.

What’s the motivation behind that?

We’re moving things to the digital realm, where we can provide levels of information to get as granular as you’d like regarding origin, producer, and varietal. This helps us tell a more holistic story around our coffees, as it’s on a larger platform. Plus, it allows us to synthesize and update information more easily, as we continue our work with partners and watch coffees change season to season.

Aside from the looks, has anything else about the packaging changed?

Hell yeah—we’ve upgraded to Biotre packaging from PBi, which hosts a ton of benefits that ultimately elevate the quality of our coffee over a longer period of time. Now when you send your mom a bag of coffee for Thanksgiving but show up at Christmas to find it still untouched, you can rip that baby open and it’ll taste great! Plus, the bag is better for our planet, which is something we’re fully committing our company to as we progress in B-Corp certification.

When did the kangaroo pouch debut? Will it ever come back?

That sweet nugget showed up on shelves in March of 2008. You can never forget a good thing and lord knows it’s fun revisiting old flames…

Where can I find this new packaging?

Easiest spot: Hit up our cafes, too! We’re in NYC, LA, PDX, SEA, NOLA and in 2 months, we’ll debut in Chicago.

Thank you!

Company: Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Location: Portland, Oregon
Country: United States
Designer: Land
Release Date: October 2017

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Photos courtesy of Stumptown Coffee Roasters.