It’s true! Our longtime friends & partners at MadCap Coffee recently undertook a full renovation of their original cafe location in downtown Grand Rapids, and it has us seeing hearts for eyes. The rebuild took place during a week-long cafe shutdown, during which time the crew ran a pop-up bar across the street at an epic-sounding comics shop called Vault of Midnight.

To build things up, first you gotta break stuff down. That moment’s captured in the below video by Symmetry Films.

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The cafe’s handsome new bar was build by the team at Anvil Goods, a custom wood design shop based in Grand Rapids. Check out their work in the video below.

And here’s a look at the whole process, from breakdown to a glimpse at the final product: MadCap’s angular new service bar.

WordPress won’t let us place emojis but let us assure you, we are like [heart for eyes] [cat with heart for eyes] [double pulsing hearts] right now for this redesign. Check out more at MadCap Coffee’s official website.

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