Dominy’s Makeover

We’re 5 days in to 2013, and you’ve probably broken all your resolutions. That’s okay, because our good friend (and resident bear-hugger) Jason Dominy has one for you: make better coffee. Mr. Dominy has written up a nice little tutorial on how to makeover your home coffee this year. Even if you’re a pro at home coffee making, this is a great article to share with friends and family who might be interested in dabbling in improving their coffee, but aren’t sure where to start.

Bernson’s Best of 2012

Sprudge’s NYC-based staff writer Alex Bernson looks back on his most memorable coffees of 2012, and tell us why 2012 was such a great year to be a “coffee nerd/enthusiast/professional/what-have-you.” Included on Mr. Bernson’s list were Ritual (twice!?), Stumptown, Heart, Counter Culture, Kuma, and Caffe Ladro.

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Times Reporter Goes To Coffee Camp

NY Times reporter Matt Richtel spent some time at Sightglass and Verve Coffee in December learning the ins and outs of coffee–from basic coffee equipment and shot pulling, to milk-steaming and “painting with milk.” His article about the whole experience is a great look into the mindset of the average coffee consumer, and an important reminder to anyone involved in specialty coffee that from the outside, specialty coffee can look a bit obsessive and outrageous:

“I know, this all seems like ‘Best in Show,’ ” says Ryan O’Donovan, an owner of Verve, referring to the faux documentary about dog shows. “It seems ridiculous. We’re trying to make it less ridiculous.”

We’re just excited about his next article, which will detail what he learned at “Camp Let’s Make Oatmeal.”

Learning to Create the Perfect Cup of Coffee – The New York Times

Olympia Coffee Announce Third Cafe

Our friends and partners at Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. are helping the city of Olympia expand its portfolio beyond vapor cafes and gutter punks by opening up a third (yes, third) location. This time, they’re bringing their treats to the historic Wildwood Building, and are including a wrap-around coffee bar for more customer/barista bonding time. Coupled with the opening of a third location, OCR continues to tick off the boxes on the “How To Have a Successful Year” checklist. Congrats!

The Fourth Annual Sprudgies

After intense deliberation and furtive secret voting, the Sprudge Academy was proud to announce the winners of this year’s Sprudgie Awards. The fourth rendition of these ultra-popular, super-exciting awards had a little bit of everything–from tiny kettles to National Treasures (Jerry Seinfeld, of course). Congratulations to this year’s winners–you’re doing awesome things for the industry, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for you.

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