From Space Cakes to Coffee Cakes, this just in: Stumptown Coffee Roasters is opening a pop-up cafe in Amsterdam. New York Times – Going Dutch | Stumptown Coffee in Amsterdam:

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Duane Sorensen, the owner of Stumptown Coffee Roasters, said he was approached by Sid Lee, a Montreal-based creative agency with a branch in Amsterdam that happened to have a spare La Marzocco espresso machine kicking around in a little-used storefront. Sorensen flew to Amsterdam with seven Chemex coffee brewers and some beans; he returned with the keys to a shop thatโ€™s his through the end of July.The coffee bar will be at 101 Albert Cuypstrat, with beans brought in from the roaster in Red Hook, Brooklyn (which was originally named Roode Hoek, a village founded by the Dutch in the 1630s), and a staff made up of stateside Stumptown baristas.


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