Here is your complete Round One schedule for the 2013 NERBC, hosted by Dallis Bros. Coffee. 24 competitors total, all times at EST.

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Wednesday, February 20th – 13 Competitors, beginning at 11:15AM.

1. 11:15 Zoey Thorson, Gimme! Coffee, Brooklyn, NY   @gimmecoffee
2. 11:34 Benjamin Turiano, Joe Bean Roasters, Rochester, NY  @JoeBeanRoasters
3. 11:53 Angelina Greep, Toby’s Estate Coffee, Brooklyn, NY   @TobysBrooklyn
4. 12:12 Tamara Vigil, Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, New York, NY @IrvingFarm @tamakinsneb
5. 12:31 Sarah Sanfino, Café Grumpy, New York, NY @sanfino @cafegrumpy
6. 12:50 Cara Zebrowski, Coffee Labs Roasters, Tarrytown, NY   @CoffeeLabs
7. 1:09 Logan Demmy, One Line Coffee, Columbus, OH  @pourcolumbus @onelinecoffee
8. 1:28 Samuel Lewontin, Everyman Espresso, New York, NY  @coffeeandbikes @EverymanNY
9. 1:47 Lanny Huang, Gimme! Coffee, Ithaca, NY   @gimmecoffee
10. 2:06 Mike Morgenstern, Joe, New York, NY  @drmancandy @JoecoffeeNYC
11. 2:25 Anne Cooper, Dallis Bros. Coffee, New York, NY @supacrema @DallisCoffee
12. 2:44 Erika Vonie, Ultimo Coffee, Philadelphia, PA    @OkAn_EerieEvil @ultimocoffee
13. 3:03 Daniel Shannon, Fonte Coffee, Brooklyn, NY

Thursday, February 21st – 12 competitors beginning at 11:15AM.

14. 11:15 Joseph Palozzi, Kobricks Coffee, Jersey City, NJ  @kobrickcoffee
15. 11:34 Daria Whalen, Pavement Coffeehouse, Boston, MA   @djawyea @pavementcoffee
16. 11:53 Amanda Wells, Toby’s Estate Coffee, Brooklyn, NY  @TobysBrooklyn
17. 12:12 Josip Drazenovich, Dallis Bros. Coffee, New York, NY @jdrazenovich  @DallisCoffee
18. 12:31 Evan Collier, Flat Black Coffee., Boston, MA @emcboston  @flatblackcoffee
19. 12:50 Ezra Baker, Café Grumpy, Brooklyn, NY   @cafegrumpy
20. 1:09 Craig Melillo, Ports Coffee and Tea, New York, NY @PortsNYC   @craigmelillo
21. 1:28 Calen Robinette, Voltage Coffee & Art, Cambridge, MA @outboxpuppy @VoltageCoffee
22. 1:47 Brian Gelletly, Ultimo Coffee, Philadelphia, PA   @bpgel @ultimocoffee
23. 2:06 Jordan Barber, Intelligentsia Coffee, New York, NY @barber_jordan @Intelligentsia
24. 2:25 Ashley Rodriguez, Daily Press, Brooklyn, NY  @ashcommonname @DailyPressBK