Required reading.

There’s been a spat of negativity floating around the internet from Baristas who seem to really dislike their jobs. I think most Baristas have been there at some point in their career  that place where you feel tired, unappreciated, disrespected, and beyond bummed out about your job (we Baristas sometimes forget these feelings are universal to all work). The fact that every Barista (myself included) is probably qualified for any number of more glamorous and better-paying jobs is probably one of the main sources of these frustrations. So why don’t we just do something else? Good question. And maybe some folks should do something else. But for me, I love being a Barista, or working next to one, and plan to for as long as I can.

The reason? Customers. Period. We focus a lot in Speciality Coffee on Relationship Coffee while too often we forget about the relationship right in front of us — the relationship with our customers. And I’m not just talking about the regulars who come in a chat us up for hours about how much they love our coffee and tip us $5 bills. I’m talking about everyone.

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