Since 2003, the Nordic Barista Cup has been the premiere Scandinavian national team competition/seminar program in all of Scandinavia. Coffee professionals from around the world visit to enjoy lectures, speakers, cuppings, wine tastings, whale eating, and costume parties. NBC’s motto is to “be together, act together, learn together”, and togetherness was had all around.

This last weekend bore witness to the momentous undertaking that was Nordic Barista Cup Copenhagen 2012. Like so many, we followed along all weekend via content on, and on Twitter at #NBC2012.

Each year, the NBC hosts a coffee producing country and this year it was Kenya, Kenya, Kenya. All Kenya, all the time. As mentioned, we followed along closely via, and from their archives, we’ve compiled some of our favorite presentations from this year’s NBC.

Morten Wennersgaard, founder and green buyer for Norway’s Nordic Approach, took the audience of the Nordic Barista Cup on a sweeping Scandinavian journey, sourcing quality coffees from deep in the darkest bowels of EAST Africa. Watch this exclusive video, found exclusively on the Nordic Barista Cup exclusive website:

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Last year at the Nordic Barista Cup, James Hoffmann – Square Mile co-owner, World Barista/Brewers/Tasters Cup Champion, and International Coffee Legend – dared to “Reinvent Espresso” in a stunning, memorable lecture. This year, Hoffmann asked hard ball questions and told the audience things they perhaps weren’t ready to hear.

Tate Britain wine buyer and head sommelier Hamish Anderson is a celebrated wine aficionado. Coffee took a back seat for this wine-forward presentation, sending the audience into fits of wine tasting ecstasy.

Tim Wendelboe is regarded as one of the finest purveyors of speciality coffee in the world. His roastery, espresso bar and coffee school in Oslo is a global point of pilgrimage for coffee connoisseurs. Mr. Wendelboe is the 2004 and 2005 World Cup Tasting Champion, and the 2004 World Barista Champion. He spoke to the assembled Nordic Barista Cup delegation the topic of “Developing Green Coffee Quality”:

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Morten Wennersgaard – Sourcing Quality in Africa
James Hoffmann – How To Make A Viable Career In Coffee
Hamish Anderson – Terroir Vs. Blending in Wine
Tim Wendelboe – Developing Green Coffee Quality

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