Have you ever dreamed of naming an espresso blend? It would be weird if you had – you ought to be dreaming about far more interesting things. But as far as your waking hours are concerned, having a chance to name an espresso blend actually sounds pretty cool. Turns out the folks at Taylor Maid Farms Coffee & Tea – recently featured at our Cupping California extravaganza in San Francisco – are ready and willing to offer the public just such a chance at titular blended glory.

Spotted via Barista Magazine’s essential Facebook Wire:

CONTEST ALERT! We’re launching a new espresso this fall, and WE WANT YOU TO NAME IT! Submit entries to marketing@taylormaidfarms.com through September 16 including your name, email address and phone number. Winner enjoys epic bragging rights, 25lbs of our new espresso and your mug shot on our website. Send as many entries as you like, from the silly to the sublime. We have Central and South American Arabicas, both natural and washed processes represented in our new espresso. Think juicy berry and stone fruit notes with a buttery viscosity and a chocolatey mouth feel for the flavor!

Well that sounds great! It got our faculties burning but we want you, our readers, to win big on this competition. We’ll help you prime your pump! The best way to win big is to draw inspiration from others! What are some common themes for how espresso blends are named? We’ve isolated a few trends:

  • Woodland creatures and quirky rodents  (e.g. Red Fox Blend)
  • Children’s activities (e.g. Pizza Party!)
  • Old timey slang (e.g. Dagnabbit Blend)
  • Viral Internet memes (e.g. Honey Boo Boo Blend)
  • Fads from the 90s (e.g. Roller Blade Blend, Urkel Blend, Slap Bracelet Blend, POG Blend, Big League Brew, etc.)

Happy naming and good luck! Send those entries to this here e-mail address.