Tonight, for one night only, coffee types and illusion-seekers from throughout the Twin Cities are invited to be amazed. Our friends at Dogwood Coffee are hosting what is perhaps the first-ever “Coffee Magic Science Night”, courtesy of Jon Ferguson, our industry’s foremost Mesmerist and reigning NC Brewers Cup champion. The city of Minneapolis may well disappear completely.

More from Jon:

My name is Jon and I’m the new guy at Dogwood. I’m hoping to bring something to the table that will shock and awe the entire population of coffee geeks in Minneapolis. I thought about doing some magic tricks to start the night off and then progress into the whole “science” thing.

Tuesday night will include these exciting topics;

– The Scientific Method (how to define and control variables)

– Bimodal Grinding (grind profiles which use various particle sizes)

– Clever Brewing Method (I don’t like the Clever Brewing method… I absolutely LOVE it!!)

– Setting the Grind (Recommendations for various Brew Methods)

This event is TONIGHT! At Dogwood Coffee Company, located at 1209 Tyler Street #150 in Minneapolis, which we hear is really nice this time of year. Here’s the Facebook listing. If you’re within driving distance, you should go.