Minneapolis! We’re just one week away from our very first Sprudgely visit to your fair city. We’re there to throw a massive cupping party – Hüsker Brew, an integrated event hosted by Minneapolis’ own Cafe Imports, with logistics and support from Dogwood Coffee Co.

Hüsker Brew happens on Thursday, September 27th,  beginning at 5:30pm. Attendees can expect a fully integrated cupping and culinary experience, featuring seasonal coffees from a panopoly of international Cafe Imports partner microroasters, and delicious foodstuffs from a variety of Minnesotan purveyors, growers, restaurants and import curators. The evening happens in two phases:

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Phase one: A public cupping party beginning at 5:30 pm at the Cafe Imports Warehouse – 600 Hoover St NE, Minneapolis – surrounded by more than 3 millions pounds of green coffee.

Phase two: Guests will join us at the Cafe Imports main offices – 2617 East Hennepin Ave, just 3 blocks from the warehouse – immediately following the cupping party, to take part in a truly remarkable horn of plenty from purveyors like Rogue Chocolatier,  Indeed Brewing, France 44, Rustica Bakery, Sweetland Apple Orchard, Salty Tart, and a full roast pig Full from Victory 44. There’s gonna be live music, wine on hand for you paleo’s out there, and an after party gathering nearby at Red Stag Supper Club.

More info on Hüsker Brew is available on Facebook, and we’ll be working from Minneapolis all week next week, visiting your cafes and drinking your beer, etc. See you soon, Minneapolis!

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