Millennials: who are they are what do they want? And more importantly, how can we bilk as much money out of them as possible? Turns out, if you want those Millennial millions, you need to offer some sort of travel-based experience. In a new study, Millennials state they would be willing to give up coffee, alcohol, and even sex in favor of traveling.

According to Forbes, the survey was performed Contiki, a travel agency that caters to the Millennial generation. Polling 1,500 individuals aged 18 to 35, the travel company found out that travel is really important. And Millennials like to travel; 48% of respondents travel one to two times a year, with 35% traveling even more, in the three to five times annually range. Meaning at most, a scant 17% of all polled, roughly one in six individuals, don’t travel at all (though presumably some of those actually travel more than five times a year).

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And according to the survey, folks ages 18 to 35 are by and large willing to give up most things associated with folks ages 18 to 35 if it meant they could travel.

Majority of the millennials said that they would give up Netflix (80 percent), coffee (77 percent), alcohol (73 percent), carbs (60 percent), and even sex (57 percent) to travel. Meanwhile, 41 percent of those surveyed said that they would relinquish their cell phone, even though 49 percent of them admitted to spending eight to ten hours per day on their device.

Now, what it means to “give up” these things remains unclear. Is it like a forever give up or more of a don’t-drink-coffee-for-a-month thing? Would I be able to drink coffee during my travel or is that also part of the giving up? Seeing how most of my travel is coffee-, drinks-, and food-related, this definition is pretty important for me. And quite honestly, do you even want to travel someplace new if you can’t have coffee, alcohol, or carbs? Kinda feels like you’d be missing out on a whole swath of cultural hubs, which seems to negate the whole point of traveling to begin with.

My guess is that these 1,500 Millennials were too busy Netflix and chilling atop a bed of spaghetti with their vodka and cold brews to realize what they were signing up for. Actually, that sounds like a great vacation.

Zac Cadwalader is the news editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.

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