Dear all of you lovely, convivial, talented and hilarious Melbourne coffee types: Your Sprudge Editors are hosting a public cupping tonight with the team at Everyday Coffee in Collingwood, and you should please join us! This party begins at 6:30pm at Magic Johnston (27-29 Johnston), a co-working and event space located adjacent to Everyday’s cafe. This event is meant to provide an avenue for reveling in the armada of great coffees that have descended upon Melbourne in the last week, and can’t help but be a bit of an International Delight style affair. Guests can expect coffees from far flung locales like Portland, Oslo, Stockholm, and Victoria BC, plus an ample sample of the very best Australia has to offer.

Please join us and take part in what’s sure to be a unique and memorable cupping table. As is tradition at our cupping parties, the coffees we serve will not be scored or otherwise officially evaluated. Events like this are meant to be a bit of spectacle, a bit of theater, a chance to try something rare in a unique setting, and of course a springboard for those lovely private “So which ones did you like then?” conversations amongst friends. A Facebook page for WBC Come-Down is here – this event is free, open to the public, and begins at 6:30PM tonight, May 28th.

Special note: Are you a 2013 WBC or World Brewers Cup competitor? Please join us tonight at this event as our invited guests, and bring along a sample of your competition coffee – there’s always room on the cupping table for one more. 

Top image courtesy of Small Werld