Your 2013 Northeast Barista Competition finalists are a hardy, plucky bunch. This was a fiercely competitive first round here in New York, but these 6 baristas emerged at the top of the pack. Here’s their complete running order for tomorrow (all times EST), with Livestream realness linked here.

1. 9:30 Jordan Barber, Intelligentsia Coffee, New York, NY @barber_jordan @Intelligentsia

2. 10:00 Brian Gelletly, Ultimo Coffee, Philadelphia, PA @bpgel @ultimocoffee

3. 10:30 Anne Cooper, Dallis Bros. Coffee, New York, NY @supacrema @DallisCoffee

4. 11:00 Mike Morgenstern, Joe, New York, NY  @drmancandy @JoecoffeeNYC

5. 11:30 Samuel Lewontin, Everyman Espresso, New York, NY  @coffeeandbikes @EverymanNY

6. 12:00 Tamara Vigil, Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, New York, NY @IrvingFarm @tamakinsneb

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