The SERBC is almost upon us, which means it’s time to peruse this year’s competitors for trends, hunks and sugar cookies. First up, you’ll notice some of the big regional names – Lem Butler, Ben Helfin – aren’t competing this year, but there are plenty of competitors for whom this won’t be their first trip to the rodeo. This includes 2010 MARBC winner Jeremy Sterner, and Brandon Malcolm of Empire State South (which is not a cafe in the strictest sense, but in fact a delicious restaurant on Peachtree Street that serves Counter Culture) . You may also notice that a few companies are dominating this year’s field. 1000 Faces? More like 1000 Competitors.

Also happening that weekend:

Friday, February 11: SERBC Party Hosted By Counter Culture Coffee Atlanta Training Center

Venue: King Plow Arts Center (887 W. Marietta Street NW, Suite m210)

Time: 6:30PM – ?

Info: Expect throw downs, debauchery and ice buckets full of delicious beer. King Plow Arts Center is certain to be free of snow, slush and icy debris for this upcoming event.

Saturday, February 12: SERBC BGA Members Only Party

Venue: Octane Coffee (1009 Marietta St. NW)

Time: 8:00PM – 11:00PM

Info: BGA Members and a guest are invited to this very exclusive event that you won’t want to miss! You’re sure to have a Helfen of a time!

More information on the SERBC, barista write-ups, and downloadable PDFs at the Official USBC website. Purchase your 2011 Dogs In Coffee Calendar here (two for one special going on right now!)