FAZE 9 TwinIn the fall of 2013 we reported to you on the debut of Splurty, the plucky, stylish single-cup brewer from our friends and partners at Marco Beverage Systems in Ireland. Since then we’ve seen Splurty holding her own at a variety of international coffee trade events, anchoring the Marco booth and drawing a crowd (or at least until around 4pm when the keg starts flowing, which also draws a crowd).

Today Marco’s announcing a next step for the product, which has been rebranded as the FAZE9 brewer, and will be exhibited at a variety of major coffee events around the world in 2015, including CATEX in Dublin, the SCAA Event in Seattle, and the 2015 London Coffee Festival. FAZE9 comes in a two-head or single head option, both linked up to a Marco UBER boiler. Though it’s pictured here in use with a couple of different brewing vessels, it does not in fact come with them included, as FAZE9 has been designed to get along seamlessly with a variety of different brew-dads (brewing doodads).


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For more on FAZE9, we turn to Marco:

FAZE9 has been in development for over 18 months, and is housed under the umbrella of our “Über Project“, an innovation-led arm of Marco that focuses on exploration and research. It uses our “Pillar technology” to dispense water from a specially designed undercounter energy efficient boiler and is designed to work with several different existing brewing devices from Kalita right through to Chemex. Water pumps up from the specifically designed undercounter boiler into FAZE9’s recirculation chamber, and is then dispensed onto the coffee bed at volume and timing standards selected by the user. Incorporating pre-infusion, pulse brewing and unrivaled temperature and volume control, FAZE9 brews exceptional coffee by the cup, consistently.


The FAZE9’s impending trade show waltz is all well and good, but we’re dying to know who, what and where this thing is going to live on the cafe side, in cocktail bars, or wherever. Splurty’s road from ribald engineer joke to tech show darling has now grown up a bit, and now all that’s left are the memories. Whither, young Splurty, wrestled from us too soon, having Splurted its last, each Splurt a primal wail against the darkness, and yet, born anew for greater things.

Much more via Marco on Twitter & Facebook.

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