Marco, Polo, Torfi! Danish Dip With Barista Champ

Marco, Polo, Torfi! Danish Dip With Barista Champ

After a tough weekend of competition, your 2012 Danish barista champion is Torfi Þór Torfason! Mr. Torfason works at Coffee Collective, Denmark’s premiere cafe and roastery. Congratulations, Torfi, we can’t wait to see you compete in person at the 2012 WBC in Vienna. But in the meantime, what does a hard working guy like Torfi need after a hard-fought victory over his competitive countrymen? He needs to take off his clothes for a little sun, and a little fun.

Only has these bathing pics of Torfi, second place DBC finisher Omar Hossain, and third place hunk Allan Juhl, all three of whom snuck away together shortly after the announcements to go for a dip in the Kattegat Sea. They set sail in Klaus Thomsen’s 50 foot yacht, “The Higgly Piggly”, scene of more than a few hush-hush rendezvous over the years. Paparazzi on the shore captured these exclusive shots of the baristas as they frolicked, splashed, and played the late afternoon away.

Congratulations to all, and we’ll be seeing you at the Hotel Hilton pool in Vienna, Torfi!



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