If there are three things that I know are So Hot Right Now in the world of specialty coffee, there are: Onyx Coffee Lab, Morgan Eckroth, and espresso martinis. Onyx Coffee Lab has been dominating the US coffee competition scene for years now, including the 2022 US Barista Championship victory by none other than Eckroth, who also just so happens to be among the most famous coffee pros on the internet. And then there’s the espresso martini, the enigmatically popular-again coffee cocktail. At the white-hot center of this triangulated Venn diagram, there exists a new series of YouTube videos, one of which finds Eckroth creating an espresso martini with Onyx Coffee Lab’s Extractions, the roaster’s all new line of coffee concentrates.

But before we start concocting, let’s get our mise en place. What is Extractions? (Other than the name of a coffee perfume that sounds like it was meant to be whispered.) Per the press release it is a “first-of-its-kind” shelf-stable coffee concentrate that, thanks to the “proprietary technology used in its creation,” allows the beverage to “reflect the coffee’s full ‘terroir.'”

Terroir is largely lost during the processing of other concentrated coffee products. But Extractionsโ€™ unique method retains all the parent roast’s original flavor notes, delivering a luxury coffee experience with the convenience of a concentrate.

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The initial launch of Extractions features expressions of two of Onyx’s most popular blends, Southern Weather and Monarch, with single-origin offering to follow shortly.

To give folks an idea of how to use this new product as well as show its range, Onyx and Eckroth have put together a few recipe videos. If a cocktail isn’t really your vibe and you’re more after a quick and easy coffee drink, Onyx has also crafted the FOMO, a mix of Extractions, hot water, cream, coconut cream, and vanilla syrup.

Or maybe you want a tipple but without the tipsy. For that there is the Extractions Soda, an easy sipper made of concentrate, rose water, grapefruit oleo saccharum, and sparkling water, with a rose water spritz just for funsies.

Extractions are currently available for purchase via the Onyx Coffee Lab website for $25 per 375ml bottle. So if you’re looking for a tasty coffee drink on the go or to make an espresso martini, the new Extractions by Onyx Coffee Lab may be just what the doctor ordered.

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