Marco Beverage Systems, a leading provider of innovative beverage delivery systems, is proud to announce that the business is now B-Corp Certified. This certification solidifies Marco’s purpose to “re-imagine beverage excellence everywhere.” This purpose drives the business to think about things in a new way, including how to pursue sustainable practices, transparency, and social responsibility throughout the business.

As a B-Corp certified company, Marco joins a global community of businesses that strive to balance profit with purpose. B-Corp certification is granted to companies that meet the “Three Pillars of Change”, racial equity, climate justice, and stakeholder economy.

What sets B-Corps apart is their mission to use business as a force for good. Marco Beverage Systems has demonstrated its commitment to this ethos by being one of the first businesses to design energy-efficiency as a standard feature in their systems. For example, Marco launched the Ecoboiler in 2008, which was up to 45% more energy-efficient than leading competitors. In more recent years the MIX hot water system with a patented, vacuum insulated tank, is up to 70% more energy-efficient than leading competitors.

In addition to this, Marco focuses on supporting communities and driving efficiency across their business practices. They began tracking and targeting Green-house Gas emissions reduction in 2021 which resulted in a 54% decrease in the year that followed.

Marco was the first Irish SME to support the Nature Trust, an Irish organisation dedicated to reforestation in Ireland. Marco is also strongly committed to supporting communities, charities, and industry bodies. They have launched a Scholarship Programme with a University to support female students in STEM who are at risk of dropping out of college due to financial strain.

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They have also sponsored many community events within their industry through the Specialty Coffee Association such as Brewers Cup, Barista Championships and their own “Best Brewer” event. They were also among the first sponsors of the “Glitter Cat” contest with both focused on supporting up and coming baristas.

On a local level, Marco has supported 15 local sports clubs with kits and raised €36,693 for charities.

Paul Stack, Managing Director of Marco Beverage Systems, said:

“I take great pride in celebrating Marco’s achievement of the B-Corporation certification. We have officially joined a community that exemplifies best practices, serving as a reflection of our commitment to continually enhance the experiences of everyone within our sphere – from our dedicated staff and valued customers to our local and global communities. This milestone marks the culmination of a two-year journey, but it signifies not the conclusion, but rather the commencement of an even more remarkable chapter in our B-Corp journey. Anchored by our steadfast dedication to creating a positive environmental impact, we look forward to shaping a future that transcends our current accomplishments.”

Achieving B-Corp certification is no small feat. Marco underwent a comprehensive audit under the B-Impact Assessment. The B-Impact Assessment assesses a company’s practices and outputs across five categories: governance, workers, community, the environment, and customers.

When Marco started their B-Corp journey 2 years ago, their B-Impact Score was 53.

Now, their B-Impact Score is 91.2

By adhering to the rigorous standards set by B-Corp, Marco is making a positive impact on both its customers and the broader community. This certification serves as a guidepost for other businesses seeking to make a meaningful difference in the world.

Going forward, Marco will seek B-Corp recertification in 3 years’ time and continue to drive their broader ESG initiatives focused on of Employee, Environment, Community and Operations.

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