There's barely any coverage online thus far for the googaplex mega-event that is the MARBC/Milrock Latte Art/CoffeeFest 2010. No streaming video, no official blogging; the only real coverage thus far is from the folks at Peregrine Espresso, who are keeping the world up to date via blog and tweet. Let us know if you're blogging/tweeting from inside the Meadowlands.

UPDATE via @spronomy

MARBC Tweeters:









Fortunately, we have a few loquacious informants on the inside. Here's some scoop on the event(s) thus far:

* The event is being held in Secaucus, New Jersey (feel free to write your own jokes). Though only 5 miles from NYC, it takes more than an hour to get from the convention to anywhere in the city itself.

* The latte art and MARBC competition stuff is being held in a little side room, off the main floor of the exhibition. The room itself is divided rather inequitably between Millrock and MARBC, with Millrock taking up around 90% of the floor space.

* Coffee Klatch's Two-Time USBC Champ Heather Perry is the MC for the Millrock Latte Art Competition, NYC Everyman Espresso's Sam Penix is tackling host duties for MARBC.

* Barista Magazine's Sarah Allen, Coffee Institute's Chris Deferio and Barista Exchange Guru and American BaristaΒ  School's Matt Miletto are your esteemed Millrock Latte Art judges.

* World Famous Hiroshi Sawada is in the house and competing in the Latte Art event.