Our friends and partners at MadCap Coffee, along with El Salvador producer and Cup of Excellence winner Gloria Rodriguez Fontan, have teamed up for the second year of the “Varietal Series”. The series is an opportunity to try eight different varieties grown on a single farm, packaged in handsome collectible tins, perfect for re-use throughout the year. Rodriguez owns El Porvenir in Apaneca, El Salvador, and the farm was the very first relationship coffee the Grand Rapids-based roaster established back in 2008. Together, they developed a program to separate and purchase nano-lots of Caturra, Pacamara, Orange Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon, Typica, Bourbon, Elefante, and Pacas varieties, for a one-off roast of an eight-tin collection. Like last year, only 150 sets will be sold.


More info from MadCap:

The series is a result of careful cultivation and processing of all 8 coffees that are grown in close proximity to one another between the elevation of 1,400-1,500 meters. All of the coffees are harvested ripe by hand, de-pulped, fermented, then fully washed and patio dried to properly highlight the nuance of each variety. Thanks to the whole Rodriguez family—Gloria, Majo, Luis and Roberto—for all the hard work and the great coffee!


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Tasting notes via MadCap:

Typica: Deep, dark chocolate, nuts.

Bourbon: Juicy, citrus and syrupy.

Yellow Bourbon: Vibrant, citrus and clean.

Caturra: Syrupy, earthy and chocolate.

Yellow Caturra: Green apple, crisp, clean.

Pacas: Medium body, citrus and floral.

Pacamara: Floral, creamy and citrus.

Elefante: Juicy, delicate and floral.

Gloria Rodriguez with cherry from the eight varieties.

The sets run $55 for eight 45-gram tins of coffee. The coffees will be shipped and roasted on Monday, August 11th, and MadCap has teamed up with 19 partners around the country to offer tastings of these coffees to the public later this month. There are but a few left. Order here.

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