London-based illustrator and barista James Clapham has published this wonderful illustration of coffee varieties and maladies. It is both amaze-balls and terrifying. Just look:


While completing a masters degree in illustration, Clapham “fell into the coffee scene because I happened to live near a roastery in South East London called Volcano Coffee Works.”

Clapham has worked with clients like Bloomberg and Penguin Books. “My recent personal work is based on a book called Naked Lunch by William S Burroughs,” Clapham tells us. “I’m really inspired by 90s cartoons like Daria, King of the Hill, and Ren and Stimpy.”

As for his Coffee Freenz piece, Clapham said, “I just wanted to cross over the two disciplines….I’ll more than likely do some more.” We certainly hope so! Visit James Clapham’s Tumblr and check out his archive of amazing illustrations.

Like this one:


And this one:


We love it.