Geeky Teacher

No more coffee in school? The Teachers Association of Long Beach is reporting that Cindy Young, Principal of Prisk Elementary School in Long Beach, California released this bulletin to her staff:

“Coffee, sodas and other beverages other than bottled water should not be taken to recess or consumed while working with or around students (includes in the classroom). Bottled water is acceptable.”

TALB’s response:

Her “grounds” for this action, as she later explains in a lengthy letter to staff is based on school safety and professionalism (we all know that a teacher holding a Starbucks coffee cup at recess presents a common danger to all, especially if the drinker has neglected to put a sleeve on the cup).

As a result of the Prisk coffee ban will teachers now find themselves huddling in broom closets to grab a quick cup of “joe”; or sliding their latte cup inside a red Solo cup harkening back to their college concert days? Will parents get a reprimand for bringing a well-deserved café mocha to a Prisk teacher as a small gesture of appreciation for their hard work?

Is this a gross injustice? A violation of Constitutional consumer rights? Public school teachers are our nation’s most precious resource; don’t they deserve a hot cup of joe at their desk to get them through the day?

Our calls to Principal Young’s office have not been returned. Developing…