Coverage made possible by Dallis Bros. Coffee

Here’s live-tweets, photos and other assorted ephemera from the afternoon of #NERBC prelims:

Wolfie Marnell, of Pavement Coffee House, Boston

1:09 @misterbarn serving washed haru co-op yirgacheffe from @counter_culture – tasting notes are “strong black tea and citrus” –

1:16 @misterbarn really pushing the earl grey / traditional english tea notes in this ethiopian coffee – straining tea for his sig bev

1:23 haru espresso, a little bit of water to regulate temperature, orange zest, magic, duran duran, fancy coffee @misterbarn

Justin Schulz, of Roberta’s Pizza, Brooklyn

1:28 @justinschulz11 nossa senora aparecida (two lots), + third coffee (yellow bourbon peaberry), both sourced & roasted by @dalliscoffee

1:39 it’s so completely packed in this room i can neither see nor hear the competitor in #nerbc from the #brewerscup station. truth.

1:41 @justinschulz11 gives a hearty shout out to @dalliscoffee at the end of his routine, calls time with 10 seconds to spare

Benjamin Turiano, of Joe Bean Roasters, Rochester

1:59 a professional, understated performance from Mr. Turiano and @joebeanroasters


Katie Carguilo, Counter Culture Coffee, NYC

2:08 naturally processed ethiopian coffee in @katiecarguilo’s cappuccinos

2:11 “cappuccino is a relationship between coffee and milk…” – does this mean espresso doesn’t wanna be a playa no more?

2:13 cappuccinos down at 5:30…into Haru washing station info at 6

2:18 stone fruits floral notes, acidity, classic ethio acidity – coffee sorted to screen size 16 by @counter_culture durham

2:19 talks the judges through intro to her sig drink – carbonated water, peaches, lemons, vinegar, excretions?

2:21 all drinks down at 14:00, time to clean and chat…that’s just, well, exemplary competition form. time called 14:45

Phillip Search, Dallis Bros. Coffee

2:39 phillip search making affogatos from scratch live on stage. “dusty honey”. sensory overload. too much skill.

2:41 phillip search calls time at 14:55 – wow those are two just mondo performances one after the other…

Farah Khawaja, Joe NYC

2:58 farah khawaja rounds out an impressive roster of competition from @joecoffeenyc at #nerbc

3:00 an understated, quiet performance from Farah…sig drinks looked amazing

Park Brannen, Handsome Coffee Roasters, NYC

3:03 “for the next 15 minutes, we’re not going to talk about facts, figures, storylines…we’re going to talk about flavor

3:04 there’s a theme to these @handsomeroaster performances: simplicity. let the coffee speak. @jparkbrannen in his element on stage at

3:12 tonic water cools down handsome’s colombia san sebastian, giving it “sugar cane sweetness” – combines crema w/ brewed coffee

3:17 or @handsomeroaster’s competition debut, these routines from @jparkbrannen and @rachelhaughey both very impressive at #nerbc

Sam Lewontin, Everyman Espresso, NYC

3:24 lemon – citric acidity, peach – stone fruit, umeboshi – savory…but first up, capps – balance of coffee and milk

3:25 it’s a balance performance for sam – purges grinder – keeps moving – the boy in the bubble bumps…

3:29 alliterative and simple capp tasting notes: “savory and sweet, molasses and malt”

3:34 sam competes with baroida PNG – deep molasses – el gavilan from ecuador – lemon, peach – complex espresso from @counter_culture @coffeeandbikes

3:39 calls time at 14:59 – a highlight of day 1 at #nerbc – hopper swaps, multi-part sig drink, balance comes full circle

Brian Gelletly, Ultimo Coffee, Philly

3:44 @bpgel has some lovely candles lit on stage…mhm. oh yeah.

3:49 @bpgel calls time at 14:35

Brandon Duff, RBC NYC

4:05 very comfortable on stage – vegetal flavors in his capp on account of the grassfed cows at battenkill farm

4:07 competes using coffee from @barismo – specially roasted for his work at #nerbc

4:10 8 shots pulled into a teapot, – chili infused water, palm syrup -soda with steeped caradmom and lemon zest

4:17 calls time at 15:01 – controlled, clever performance with a delicious sig drink – chili water and cardamom yum

Jonathan Montanez, Render Coffee, Boston

4:25 more quality competition reps from boston…mr. montanez turns in a quality performance


Daria Whalen, Pavement Coffeehouse, Boston

4:37 competes using @counter_culture baroida PNG – i wonder if the farmers of baroida have any clue how often their coffee competed…

4:39 best track of the day – rolling stones “beast of burden”, from the album “some girls” 1978

4:49 there’s a kind of cool simplicity to @djawyea routine – black plaid table cloth, one coffee used, hand-squeezed lemons

Alexandra Shinko, Baked & Wired, DC

(Ed. note: on three hours sleep and jetlag, our live-tweets took a turn for the worse at this point…)

Alexandra, you were great!

Parris Graves, Boston Stoker, Dayton, OH

Parris Graves, you, too, were totally great!