The 2013 Big Central Regional Barista Competition was one of the most exciting, competitive, and thought-provoking competitions ever covered by It seems unfair to devote time and essays to just the final round, and we hope you had a chance to follow along with our Day 1 and Day 2 Round One highlight coverage throughout the weekend. But Finals Sunday is special, and Finals Sunday at BCRBC is something we’ll never forget. Did you know that it’s possible to form an emotional bond to a weekend of competition? It is, and it happened, and this post is a portal to essays and photography from BCRBC Finals Sunday.

Our work covering this event live from Kansas City was made possible by PT’s Coffee, Kaldi’s Coffee, and Nuova Simonelli, with access and logistical consideration graciously provided by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. When you support these companies, you make our work possible.

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Our gorgeous, world-beating, industry-leading photography from BCRBC comes courtesy of Charlie Burt, on Twitter as @Tiger_Friend. We think it’s some of the finest competition photography ever published. Look for more work from Mr. Burt on in the near future.

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