Perhaps it is a little too on the nose, but is there a better-named coffee company to put out a collaboration with a record label than Little Amps? Maybe if there was a company called, like, Play-Through-Little-Amps-But-Pretend-To-Mic-Empty-Stack-Amps-On-Stage Coffee Roasters, but I googled it and there isn’t. Nevertheless, the Harrisburg, PA roaster has teamed up with Philadelphia’s Get Better Records to create the Sunday, Someday bundle benefitting Central PA LGBT Center.

I may have in the past said some unkind things about Philadelphia—but let me be the first to say that if there is a better music scene in America right now, especially in the DIY space, I’ve yet to see it. And the queer-run Get Better Records has been in the thick of it for some time now, who has been affiliated with Philly bands like Empath, Sheer Mag, and Dump Him as well as Pittsburgh comrades Anti-Flag and Michigan post-hardcore act La Dispute.

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For their latest compilation, Sunday, Someday, the label is putting out a record “created by a group of like-minded friends and musicians from the UK, Pennsylvania, and Los Angeles.” In a press release announcing the album released on March 26th, the compilation is called a “community-driven collaboration album celebrates friendship and connection and features a lineup of queer, trans, non-binary and agender artists.” The 10-song album features five different artists including: Harrisburg’s KOJI and Full On Mone’t, Philadelphia’s Solstice Rey, LA’s Potty Mouth, and UK-based Nervus.

For their part, Little Amps is adding to the collaboration with their Super Tasty Instant Coffee, made with coffee from Pitalito in the Huila region of Colombia. Along with the Super Tasty, each bundle includes a Get Better Records punk rock mug, and a vinyl copy of Sunday, Someday. The bundle costs $45, with proceeds provide acoustic treatment via the Central PA LGBT Center’s Common Roads program for youths with sensory needs.

Available in limited quantities, the Sunday, Someday bundle can be purchased on the Little Amps website. For more information on the album or to hear the tracks on the compilation, visit the Sunday, Someday official website.

Zac Cadwalader is the managing editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.

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