L’État, C’est Macchiato: French Barist...

L’État, C’est Macchiato: French Barista Champ Surrenders To Victory!

Congratulations to Ludovic Loizon, your brand new 2011 France National Barista Champion! “Le big ups” to Ludovic, who’ll be traveling to Bogota this summer to represent the French Republic! France is tres hot for coffee right now, and predicts this just might be the year for France to make their first entry into the WBC finals. Plus, that Ludovic isn’t such a bad cut of “le biftek”, now is he?

Le congratulations, Ludovic!

Say "Oui" To Ludovic!

  1. greg

    29 January

    But someone has to ask: after so many years, since when has the French barista champ been, well, relevant?

  2. Marty

    27 January

    What a biftek cake!

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