La Marzocco’s Newest Espresso Machine Spotte...

La Marzocco’s Newest Espresso Machine Spotted At TED


Baristas at the annual TED Conference and TEDActive in Vancouver, BC and Whistler are wrapping up a week of coffee service today. Our friends and partners at the espresso machine manufacturer La Marzocco debuted their new line of Strada EE machines at the bars stationed in Vancouver.

The EE series–it stands for “Erogazione Elettrovalvole“–is the newest addition to the Strada family, La Marzocco’s line of high-end commercial espresso machines. Strada’s can be found in top boutique shops around the world, and have been written about extensively here on Sprudge.

La Marzocco Strada MP

La Marzocco Strada MP

La Marzocco Strada EP

La Marzocco Strada EP

After pictures were leaked on Twitter, a number of coffee professionals were curious about the new machine. In response, La Marzocco issued a blog post with details about new machine:

The Strada EE, marked by a black La Marzocco Strada side panel, features traditional semiautomatic brewing control, in the barista-friendly body design of the Strada.

On the Strada EE, similar to the Strada MP and Strada EP, the group is operated using a paddle. However the mechanism for activating brewing on the Strada EE is different from the Strada MP and the Strada EP.

As the Strada EE paddle travels, a microswitch above the group cap is turned on. This microswitch engages the electric solenoid and the pump in the same way that other semiautomatic espresso machines operate. In simple terms, the paddle works like an on-off switch found in other “EE” models.

The blog post gets deep with the technical specifications.


How did the baristas like using the new machines? “The steam wands rock,” exclaimed Alex LittleJohn, host of Coffee Uncut and member of Verve Coffee‘s Los Angeles team. Evan Cooper of Plymouth, Michigan’s Espresso Elevado told Sprudge, “It was fun to work on. I like the feel of the paddle.

TED Coffee baristas.

TED Coffee baristas.

La Marzocco will showcase the Strada EEs at the SCAA Event next month in Seattle.

Photos for this feature were smurfed from Twitter #tedcoffee.