Artpresso Design LLC has announced the launch of a new line of espresso machine accessories to be offered globally by La Marzocco branches and preferred resellers. Created by Steven Monti, a product designer and founder of Artpresso Design, this collection of products began with Scott Callender of the La Marzocco USA branch in 2017. “Our collaboration with La Marzocco was inspiring and generated a range of quality accessory products for the brand,” said Monti.

Then in 2021, Steven met Kent Bakke (La Marzocco’s CEO until 2018) who invited him to meet with Guido Bernardelli (current La Marzocco CEO). “Over an amazing lunch in Scarperia, we discussed the work Artpresso was doing in the US with the team in Italy. Guido recommended we conduct a market test by offering the accessory product line to other La Marzocco branches throughout the world,” said Monti.

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“Today, I’m excited to share that the global accessory product trial proved to be successful!  Now, La Marzocco branches worldwide have the opportunity to carry a cohesive line of barista tools and accessories that align to their brand.  My hope is this expansion will bring joy to more customers in new regions and create the opportunity for us to further partner with La Marzocco on new product innovations.”

“For close to a century, La Marzocco has set the standard for excellence in espresso machine design and engineering. Their commercial and home machines are innovative and handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail. They are leaders in the coffee community and I have been a proud user of their machines.”

lm global accessories 53
Tamping mat is available in black by La Marzocco.

“When I began Artpresso Design in 2016, I wanted to design products that would lead with innovation and hoped to either work with La Marzocco or create a company with similar attributes of this iconic brand. The sense of pride and solidarity at La Marzocco is unmistakable, and I am honored and humbled by this opportunity.  Most of all, I’m thankful to everyone at La Marzocco who supported us and for their commitment to the entrepreneurial spirit.”

La Marzocco is currently offering eleven accessory products to their International customers, this collection includes barista essentials like Solo tampers, knockboxes, steam pitchers and towel sets.  In addition to these items there are Linea Mini cup rails and grinder custom lid sets.

lm global accessories 7
Barista brush is available in black by La Marzocco.

“It is a great feeling as a designer and owner of Artpresso to contribute in a small way to La Marzocco’s legacy through the products we provide. I’m grateful for everyone who made this collaboration a reality, including Chris Salierno, Dave Bise, Scott Guglielmino, Angelo Rossi, Tommaso Natale, and Zach Wright.

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La Marzocco is offering the tamper holders in walnut, maple, black, & white.

The complete product line can be seen at

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