Kickstarter’s Infamous ZPM Espresso Machine ...

Kickstarter’s Infamous ZPM Espresso Machine Is Officially Cancelled


From the world of sad, failed Kickstarter projects comes today’s news that the ZPM Espresso Machine, billed as “a home espresso machine that delivers true cafe quality with groundbreaking connectivity” and funded on Kickstarter to the tune of $369,569 dollars, has officially kicked the proverbial bucket, after a long struggle of a development process.

zpm rendering

A disgruntled ZPM backer leaked the following email to Sprudge this morning (it has since appeared in its entirety on Reddit):

Hello Everyone!

Unfortunately we do not have good news to report. At the beginning of December our COO informed us that, effective immediately and with no notice, she would be leaving the company and taking most of our team with her. Since then she’s been radio silent. This halted the progress the company was making, and left us reeling.

Our disgruntled tipster reports that more than 300 individual backers of ZPM are filing a class action lawsuit against the company, and Kickstarter itself may be named in the action. The aforementioned Reddit thread is a treasure trove of amateur legalese on the subject, but the most interesting post comes from user MeAndMyLlama, who claims to have already received a refund on the failed project from his credit card company:

I filed a dispute with my CC company (Discover) yesterday, before the official announcement, and, at this very moment I have a credit on my account for $378.99. There is a 30 day review period. If Discover can achieve a chargeback, fine, if they can’t, my liability protection covers the fraudulent charge. If they find out I’m full of shit and ZPM is still able to deliver the machine I paid for, then the unicorns have finally won the war for heaven and we can all rest easy. And my credit would also disappear.

If you’re looking for some high quality humpday coffee gossip to read, get yourself over to the Reddit thread on the ZPM—it’s full of drama, intrigue, and llama-related user names. For their part, ZPM’s blog hasn’t updated since October, 2014, and they’ve been dark on Twitter since November.

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